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DETROIT, MICHIGAN  – Forty-nine states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands will share $100 million in grant funds through the new Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced today. A total of 68 grants will be awarded to support efforts to ensure public safety and reduce victimization by helping returning offenders become productive members of their communities, providing education, job and life skills training, and substance abuse treatment, while carefully monitoring their activities after release. 


The Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative is an unprecedented collaboration among the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, Labor and Veterans Affairs.  


“This initiative helps provide individuals who have been released from prison the opportunity to become productive citizens and members of society,” said Ashcroft. “The reentry programs aid in making sure these individuals will not return to a life of crime.”


An estimated 630,000 offenders were released from prison last year, with an estimated 160,000 of those being violent offenders. The Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative will build on innovative reentry efforts in states for both juveniles and adults with the goal that these efforts serve as nationwide prototypes.  Communities will utilize existing federal, state and local resources, while grant funds will be used to address additional specific needs. Local efforts will require close coordination among institutional and community corrections, law enforcement, education, job training and placement, and other service providers, including faith-and community-based organizations.


 Reentry efforts will begin while offenders are still in correctional facilities, continue through offenders’ transition back into the community and help sustain ex-offenders through services such as employment training and substance abuse and mental health treatment. Efforts will be tailored to any one, or combination of, the following age groups: Youth (ages 14‑17); Young Adult (ages 18‑24) and Adult (ages 25+).  These efforts require close coordination among institutional corrections, law enforcement, community corrections and other community-based service providers.


The Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative is designed to address three stages an offender goes through when returning to the community.  The process involves education, parenting instruction, vocational training, treatment and life skills programs while offenders are in institutions, services and supervision as they reenter the community and networks of agencies and individuals to support offenders as they become productive and law-abiding members of their communities.


The federal partners joined together to help state and local agencies navigate the complex field of existing grant programs and to assist them in accessing, redeploying, and leveraging those resources to support all components of a comprehensive reentry program.


The federal partners will fund a national evaluation of the Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative to look at the long-term effectiveness of the program.


A list of grantees is attached.  More information about the Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative and other OJP programs is available on OJP’s Website at Media should contact OJP’s Office of Congressional and Public Affairs at 202/307-0703.


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STATE; GRANTEE; AMOUNT (subject to final budget review); CONTACT; PHONE NUMBER


Alabama; Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs; $1,006,075; Don H. Lee; 334/242-5820

Alabama; Alabama Department of Youth Services; $974,006; Allen L. Peaton; 334/215-3852

Alaska; Alaska Department of Health and Social Services; $593,000; Tony Newman; 907/465-1382

Alaska; Alaska Department of Corrections; $1,407,000; Rhonda Lundborg; 907/465-4640                 

Arizona; Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections; $2,000,000; Bernie Warner; 602/542-5597

Arkansas; Arkansas Department of Community Corrections; $2,000,000; David Guntharp; 501/682-9566

California; California Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Christine Ianieri; 415/355-2584

California; City of Oakland; $1,000,000; Sara B. Bedford; 510/238-6794

Colorado; Colorado Department of Corrections; $1,988,531; Sean Ahlmeyer; 719/226-4368

Connecticut; Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services; $2,000,000; Sabrina Trocchi; 860/418-6648

Delaware; Delaware Health and Social Services; $1,993,496; Walter A. Mateja; 302/577-4465

District of Columbia; District of Columbia Justice Grant Administration; $1,999,997; Jennifer M. Lynn-Whaley;


Florida; Florida Department of Corrections; $1,000,000; Murray Brooks; 850/410-4342

Florida; Florida Department Juvenile Justice; $1,000,000; Terri L. Buckley; 727/570-3352      

Georgia; Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council; $2,000,000; Eden Freeman; 404/559-4949

Hawaii; Hawaii Department of Public Safety; $2,000,000; Shari Y. Tasaka; 808/587-1367

Idaho; Idaho Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Erin N. Barbee; 208/658-2102

Illinois; Illinois Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Dennis Dougherty; 217/522-2666

Indiana; Indiana Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Rhonda Shipley; 317/234-0323

Iowa; Iowa Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Anne H. Brown; 515/242-5729

Kansas; Kansas Department of Corrections; $1,000,000; Margie J. Phelps; 785/296-3128 

Kansas; Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority; $1,000,000; Ted Martinez; 785/296-4213

Kentucky; Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice; $1,411,899; Libby Mills; 502/573-2738

Louisiana; Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections; $2,000,000; Suzanne Sharp; 225/342-6630

Maine; Maine Department of Corrections; $1,999,936; Wayne R. Theriault; 207/287-4374

Maryland; Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services; $2,000,000; Cliff Burton; 410/585-3338 

Massachusetts; Massachusetts Department of Corrections; $1,000,077; Helen Kary; 508/422-3303

Massachusetts; Massachusetts Department of Youth Services; $999,668; Christine Kenney; 617/727-7575     

Michigan; Michigan Department of Corrections; $1,000,000; Jocelyn J. Fitzpatrick; 517/373-3485 

Michigan; Michigan Family Independence Agency; $1,000,000; Darlene Edington; 517/373-7797

Minnesota; Minnesota Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Mark Carey; 651/642-0288

Mississippi; Mississippi Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Carol Kimble; 662/745-6611

Missouri; Missouri Department of Social Services; $700,688; Dennis M. Gragg; 573/751-2799

Missouri; Missouri Department of Corrections; $1,296,044; James Mitchell; 573/526-6435

Montana; Montana Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Nancy Knight; 406/444-4914

Nevada; Nevada Department of Corrections; $1,479,007; Dorothy Nash Holmes; 775/887-3266

Nevada; Nevada Department of Human Resources; $520,977; Gerthie Polk; 702/486-5080

New Hampshire; New Hampshire Department of Corrections; $1,999,923; Joseph Diament; 603/625-5471

New Jersey; New Jersey State Parole Board; $1,999,465; Melinda D. Schlager; 609/777-0171

New Mexico; New Mexico Department of Corrections; $1,999,996; Sherry M. Helwig; 505/473-5105

New York; New York Department Correctional Services; $999,183; Lori J. Torgerson; 518/485-5307 

New York; New York State Office of Children and Family Services; $1,000,189; Sylvia Rowlands; 518/474-7886

North Carolina; North Carolina Department of Corrections; $1,300,000; Virginia Price; 919/716-3758

North Carolina; North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; $700,000; Michael F. Haley; 919/715-5966

North Dakota; North Dakota Department of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Services; $785,779; Terry Traynor; 701/328-7321

North Dakota; North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Division of Field Services; $814,243; Patrick N. Bohn; 701/328-6664

Ohio; Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction; $1,998,014; Horst E. Gienapp; 614/752-1607

Oklahoma; Oklahoma Department of Corrections; $1,000,608; Bill McCollum; 918/581-2002

Oklahoma; Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs; $997,370; Nancy E. Williams; 405/530-2838

Oregon; Oregon Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Tonya R Ruscoe; 503/945-9053

Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Department of Corrections; $1,990,990; Angela Sager; 717/731-7149

Rhode Island; Rhode Island Department of Corrections; $1,907,014; Teresa S. Foley; 401/462-1129

South Carolina; South Carolina Department of Corrections; $1,000,002; Bruce Burnett; 803/896-1916  

South Carolina; South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice; $999,989; Howard Snider; 803/896-9235

South Dakota; South Dakota Department of Corrections; $1,999,705; Jodi Heath; 605/367-5158

Tennessee; Tennessee Department of Corrections; $1,064,000; Rae Ann Coughlin; 615/741-9854

Tennessee; Tennessee Department of Children Services; $936,000; Diane E. Craver; 615/741-1000

Texas; Texas Department of Criminal Justice; $1,940,963; Paul D. Brown; 936/437-6952

Utah; Utah Department of Human Services; $1,000,000; Tom Darais; 801/538-4124

Utah; Utah Department of Corrections; $1,000,000; Belle Brough; 801/545-5707

Vermont; Vermont Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; John Perry; 802/241-2307

Virgin Islands; Virgin Islands Bureau of Corrections; $1,000,000; Sonia I Maynard-Liburd; 340/773-0295

Virginia; Virginia Department of Corrections; $1,999,971; R. Mario Woodard; 804/674-3219

Washington; Washington Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Victoria Roberts; 360/753-1678

West Virginia; West Virginia Division of Corrections; $1,000,288; Jan Chamberlain; 304/843-4141 

West Virginia; West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services; $998,753; Deborah D. Gillespie; 304/558-6029

Wisconsin; Wisconsin Department of Corrections; $2,000,000; Shelley Hagan; 608/240-5917

Wyoming; Wyoming Department of Corrections; $1,833,842; Patricia L. Odell; 307/777-5691