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NamUs Initiative Will Help Resolve Missing Persons and Unidentifed Human Remains Cases

Regina B. Schofield, July 2007

On July 2, the Department of Justice announced the National Missing and Unidentified Persons Initiative (NamUs). This program will provide the Nation’s medical examiners, coroners, victim advocates, law enforcement agencies, and the general public with the ability to simultaneously search records of missing persons and unidentified human remains in an effort to solve cases.

Attorney General Gonzales has emphasized the importance of providing families and law enforcement with information that is often critical to solving these cases, and I’m proud that OJP will take the lead in this effort.

Our National Institute of Justice (NIJ), OJP’s research, development, and evaluation component, will create the national databases that eventually will be linked to provide new search capabilities.

The introduction of NamUs is the first phase of the Justice Department’s long-term commitment to compiling, streamlining, and making public information on unidentified human remains and missing persons in order to solve the thousands of these cases. To learn more about the NamUs initiative, visit the NamUs Web site.

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