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Payment Transaction Timeline

Top Tips for the GPRS Process
1 Make sure the award document has been signed and returned.
2 Be current on the required quarterly FFRs.
3 Make sure all special conditions affecting payment have been met.
4 Make sure a signed ACH Enrollment form has been submitted.
5 If registering with OJP/OVW, you must be the FPOC in GMS, and have your GMS login ID and password.
6 If registering with COPS, you must also have an OJP vendor number and input your award number(s).
7 Know if you are requesting an advance or reimbursement (advances must be spent within 10 days of receipt).
8 Double-check dates to avoid a duplicate request (the funding request cannot overlap dates used previously for draw downs).
9 Know the amount you are requesting.
10 Pay attention to any error messages.

The GPRS process and timeline for payment transactions is as follows:

  • Awardees access GPRS via the web to request payment of funds.
  • Once you have made a request, GPRS checks several items, including but not limited to:
  • Which funds are available to be drawn on the award;
  • Whether all withholding special conditions have been met; and
  • Whether all required reports have been filed.
  • Once GPRS has approved the payment, the information is transmitted to the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury).
  • Payment is electronically deposited into your organization’s bank account, typically within 72 hours.

The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 states that all eligible recipients of Federal payments must receive funds electronically. In addition to the payment, the bank also receives what is called an addendum record.

In order to properly close out our books at the end of each month, OJP does not process payment requests during the last 4 business days of each month.

information iconFinancial Management Tips

  • Treasury will deposit payments into the bank account designated by your signed and filed ACH form.
  • Remember that your FFR and Progress Reports must be current in order to draw down funds.

box with checkmarkAction Items

  • Please contact your bank to arrange access to addendum records for your account.
  • OJP strongly suggests that recipients make payment requests before the last 4 working days of each month.
  • At the end of the award period, draw down any remaining allowable expenses within 90 days!

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