Publications and Products

All OJP agencies publish a series of documents to share information on "best practices" and innovative programs with state and local policymakers, criminal justice practitioners, and the general public. The documents and other communications products of the OJP agencies are as varied as the topics they cover, ranging from fact sheets to comprehensive research reports, and including videotapes, databases, and electronic products.

BJA publications focus on the development and implementation of programs related to crime and violence prevention and reduction, community policing and mobilization, and criminal justice system improvement. The BJA publication series includes Program Briefs, Implementation Manuals, Training Manuals, Monographs, Focus on What Works, Special Analyses, Bulletins, Fact Sheets, Literature Reviews, Topical Searches, Topical Bibliographies, and Custom Searches. These publications are supplemented by various other publications by BJA grantees.

BJS publishes a series of statistical and analytical reports on crime, offenders, and crime victims. BJS's publications include Crime Data Briefs, Selected Findings, Bulletins, Special Reports, Technical Reports, Discussion Papers, and other reports. BJS also publishes major reference documents, which include the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics and national reports on crime, justice, and drugs.

NIJ's publication series reflects its mandate to put research, development, and evaluation findings into the hands of those who can put them to active use. NIJ publications include Research Reports, Issues and Practices in Criminal Justice, Research in Briefs, Research in Actions, NIJ Updates, Evaluation Bulletins, Program Focus Reports, Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) Reports, Perspectives on Policing, the NIJ Catalog, and the National Institute of Justice Journal.

OJJDP publications also focus on program development and implementation as well as research related to the prevention of delinquency, crimes against children, and improvement of the juvenile justice system. Publications include Bulletins, Summaries, and Juvenile Justice, a magazine on research, program, and training initiatives of interest to the juvenile justice community. Other publications are produced through OJJDP grantees.

OVC develops and disseminates a variety of informational materials to victims of crime and those who serve them. Videotapes, for example, have been created to help victims understand the criminal justice process and obtain compensation to reimburse expenses related to their victimization, and to show children what to expect when they must testify in federal court. Other videotapes will be created to help victim service providers deal sensitively with issues of cultural diversity and to help parole board members understand the needs and rights of crime victims that are affected by paroling decisions. OVC also publishes information pamphlets, training curricula, program manuals, and bulletins regarding particular aspects of crime victimization and the rights and services due to federal crime victims.

Each of the OJP agencies periodically issues a publications list with a complete listing of available documents. The OJP agencies distribute their publications through the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), established by NIJ in 1971. NCJRS currently has 2,577 titles available for distribution and sends approximately 5.3 million copies of publications yearly to federal, state, and local criminal justice professionals, researchers, community organizations, and others interested in criminal justice information and resources. In addition, grantees of the OJP agencies distribute agency-funded publications that they produce.

New publications are announced in OJP agency subscription publications such as the NIJ Catalog and OJJDP's Juvenile Justice magazine. The following is a sample of the titles of publications related to violence and victimization, community policing, law enforcement, gangs, prison and jail populations, corrections, intermediate sanctions, violent juvenile offenders, and drugs and crime.

For further information about OJP publications, contact the National Criminal Justice Reference Service at 800-851-3420.

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