NCJRS Web Site Helpful Hints

NCJRS Virtual Library

1. An alphabetical listing of all online OJP and ONDCP publications is available at: A link to this listing can also be found at the top of each main category page.

2. The full-text of online OJP and ONDCP documents may be searched at:

NCJRS Abstracts Database

1. For very broad searches or searches where very limited results are anticipated, use a global search, entering your keyword into the large text box.

2. For more precise searching, use field searches such as a title or subject search. Date restrictions will also narrow down your results.

3. The Abtracts Database supports boolean commands, use AND, OR or NOT to increase the relevance of your results.

4. Quotations may be used to search for phrases and groups of words.

5. While searching the author field, enter only the last name and the initial of the first name. Many database records only contain the author's first name initial.

6. Use an * to truncate words. For example, entering "correction*" will find documents containing "corrections" and "correctional."

7. Use proximity operators to search for terms near each other. For example, you can search for the term stalking within 10 words (before or after) of the term intimate by using this search: stalking intimate within 10.

Calendar of Events

1. Calendar of Events searches the current month by default.

2. Before adding an event, the Calendar requires that you verify the event you wish to add isnít already included in the database.

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Compiled by James Fort. Online Research and Information Center. Office of Justice Programs. March 2001