To the Congress:

I am pleased to present the Office of Justice Programs Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1999. In the last year of the 1990s, OJP continued the landmark programs of the 1994 Crime Act, while expanding into new areas to continue our progress into the 21st century. The 1990s saw a marked expansion in federal criminal justice funding and resources, along with a sharp decline in crime rates. While the causal relationship between the two trends remains unclear, rigorous, external evaluation of OJP's programs has shown that federal funding is making a difference in the crime rate.

Although we added several new programs in FY 1999, the core mission of OJP remained unchanged - to help communities prevent and control crime. Indeed, OJP continued to support programs such as the Weed and Seed strategy, Strategic Approaches to Community Safety, community courts, and community prosecution that handle crime control at the community level. The common thread that binds all community-based crime control programs is cooperation among federal, state, and local agencies - criminal justice and otherwise - to address the particular needs of a neighborhood.

This Annual Report is just one tool that OJP uses to inform Congress and the public about its programs. Throughout this report, we have included lists of publications to consult for in-depth information on particular issues. To receive additional information on programs described in this Annual Report, you can visit OJP's Website at, or contact one of the OJP clearinghouses or offices using the contact information provided at the end of this report.

I am proud of OJP's accomplishments in FY 1999, and I look forward to continued cooperation with the Congress towards our common goal of safety in America's neighborhoods.

Mary Lou Leary

Acting Assistant Attorney General

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