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OVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia About OVCOJP seal: Innovation . Partnerships . Safer Neighborhoods Message From the DirectorOVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia NCJ 229712 / March 2010
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Submission Requirements


Charts and Photos

Charts, photos, and other graphic images must be submitted with specific information. These requirements include—

  • Alt tags. The Federal Government requires that alt (alternative) tags accompany all graphic images on the Web. An alt tag is brief text (20 words or less) that describes an image when the cursor rolls over it. See Accessibility and 508 Compliance for additional information.

  • Captions. Keep captions brief (approximately 20–25 words) and use keywords as appropriate.

  • Photo credits. Include the name of the person who took the photo, who owns the photo, and when it was taken.

  • Photo releases. Photos cannot be used without the appropriate releases (e.g., model, property). We have developed appropriate releases for your use. Please request these forms from your grant monitor.

Submit tables and graphs in separate electronic files because they are often created in specialized software. Remember to provide data points for graphs.

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