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OVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia About OVCOJP seal: Innovation . Partnerships . Safer Neighborhoods Message From the DirectorOVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia NCJ 229712 / March 2010
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Publishing Process

When we receive your complete submission package, we can begin the publishing process. Steps include—

Initial Review

We may guide the product through an external peer review process after receiving it 120 days before the grant or contract end date. The OVC grant monitor will then return the product—with reviewers' comments—to you for revision. After receiving the revised product, we will submit it to individuals within the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for review and comment. Based on the extent of these comments, we may again return the product to you for additional revision. When we receive the product with all comments incorporated, we will complete an editorial and/or technical assessment of the product and will estimate the production costs. The OVC director will then provide approval for the publishing and dissemination process to begin.

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The OVC Publications Unit will complete initial work on the product. After the initial work is approved by the grant monitor, the product will undergo a quality control review and move forward to design, formatting, and production.

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OVC/DOJ Approval

The final formatted version of the product, including all appropriate OVC documentation, will be forwarded through the OVC deputy director, the OVC director, and the Office of the Assistant Attorney General (OAAG) for final review and approval. Once approved, advance notification of the product's anticipated release date is sent to the U.S. Attorney General.

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The product's dissemination plan will be reviewed and finalized by the appropriate OVC grant monitor and division director in conjunction with the OVC deputy director and director. As appropriate, the OVC Publications Unit will coordinate the press release process in conjunction with OJP's Office of Communications (OCOM), upload the product or a description thereof on our Web site, and coordinate any bulk mailings through the OVC Resource Center (OVCRC).

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