U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

Tips for Filing a Complaint

In completing the CVF, be as specific as possible. The information that is most useful in supporting a discrimination claim includes the following:

  • Date(s) and time(s) of the discrimination;
  • Name(s) and contact information of the alleged discriminatory actor(s);
  • Name(s) and contact information of witness(es) to the discrimination;
  • Name(s) and contact information of similarly situated individuals of a different race, sex, or other protected class who received preferential treatment;
  • Records or other documentary evidence; and
  • A detailed accounting of the discrimination in the order in which it took place.

Once the OCR receives the completed CVF and IRS, it will verify that it has jurisdiction over the claim and decide whether there is sufficient evidence to initiate an investigation. If, after conducting an investigation, the OCR finds that the recipient of Justice Department funding engaged in unlawful discrimination, the OCR will take steps to bring the recipient into compliance. If the OCR cannot secure the compliance of the recipient, the OCR may seek the suspension or termination of Justice Department financial assistance.

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